Rabu, 17 Desember 2014

The Success Of Hay Day

The Success Of Hay Day

Hay Day is an awesome game and we all know it. It is a farming game but it's not 'just another game farm'. It feels fresh, though not really have anything innovative or new. In my opinion, what makes Hay Day is so good is that the team that made him step back.

Instead of slapping a new element into the overworked genre, Hay Day actually emphasizes the key elements that make a successful whole genre. And as a cherry on top, it made the first tablet, which is a difference you can actually see and feel.

Wonders Hay Day Hack Cheat is the way the game has been designed - to approach the first player in mind, which is unfortunately something that we developers tend to forget too often.

What do you think makes Hay Day so successful?

I believe that success can also be attributed to our approach, because we avoid teach players how to play the game. No forced tutorials, mission or quest Hay Day. And there is no "right way to play" games or punishment to play the game in different ways. We want Hay Day be very logical and thus easy to understand and enjoy.

For example, when a player collects chicken eggs instead they got a coin. To get the coins, the player must sell eggs. To get more coins players make more valuable items for sale by combining the eggs with a variety of other information sources, resulting waffles, cakes etc. It was logical. You do not need a tutorial forced the spotlight, arrows and instruction to teach it.